Online MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker

Bear Audio Editor

A brand new online audio editing tool that is based on HTML5 and doesn't require you to upload audio files to the server.
Main functions:

  • Cut and delete audio
  • Combine audio, songs, and ringtones together
  • Fade in and fade out audio
  • Mute and adjuste volume
  • Supported inport formats: MP3, WAV, OGG
  • Export format: WAV, MP3, M4R, OGG, AAC, WMA

We are cloud service
We support all platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac. File conversions are done in the cloud. You only need a computer that can connect to the network, a browser software.

Your files are safe
All the files you uploaded, the converted files will be deleted in an hour. We have a program that runs automatically to clear files. We do not store, do not view, do not share, do not use these files. Please check the relevant terms of the website for details.

We use HTML5 technology
. Your computer does not need to download software, no software installation, no need to install plugins. Visit the website to use directly. © 2016-2019  Terms of use | Privacy Policy   If you have any questions, please